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Design Science Film Fest Mission

  From science fiction to history we love 

films that inspire innovation and humility.

By awarding and recognizing film historians & visionary wroters directors and producers. San Juan Bautista  Is essentially offering our values of progress and preservation as a bar for other “preservation” communities. We all have a responsibility to contribute to our global community and herald it’s storytellers. 

History Category

Films that help us remind  us we are exceptional

and we need to gather our stories for our children. 

Our Festival

 By bringing together films that inspire Innovation with films that remember or failures and wins as a world people- we crystallize future possibility.   The Design Science Film Festival is environmentally low impact, i.e. paperless.  Screenings will take place at the Buckminster Fuller Theater in San Juan Bautista, CA.  We will host 25 films in public screenings and 25 films in Jury groups, giving over 100 awards. 

Design Science Category

Whole system design and thinking in film

sustainable ideas and designs often get their start in film and inspire designers  to strive.

What's Different Here?

We give feedback along with our awards so filmmakers have the information to accentuate their greatness and further hone their skills   "what's working" is important information. almost always lost with other festivals 

Environmental Category

The is earth and social justice advocacy in film.

you will have a special place In our hearts

Visionary Category

The Alfred Hitchock award goes to the filmmaker who reaches the farthest taking the most risk to do so. 

About Us

Rewarding Innovation


Innovation takes risk and we recognize when a film maker is "all in"-  we are looking for just those qualities and we find them in films often turned down by other festivals 

Promoting Critical Thinking


Filmmakers who create from whole system thinking make films that expand the mind and the heart.  They also work harder to do it than anyone else. We see it and we award it. 

Rewarding Preservation


Historical storytelling in film is more captivating when it's denominational and comprehensive. We seek films to recognize that show us our past in odder to being awareness. 



Our Judges are: San Fransisco bay area professors of history, architects and designers, Apple founders, masters at craft, artists, writers and of course other filmmakers. 

Our process is the same as an actual design science lab. Our judges and jurists will have very specific judging criteria.  We respect your hard work. When you win you get a report on exactly why. If you are not selected and you want to resubmit, your submission fees will include feedback on how to improve your chances of being an official selection. 

Festival Director

Noel B. Murphy

Noel B. Murphy is the founder and Executive Director of The Design Science Film Festival of History and Innovation. He is the award winning writer/director of  "BUCKY A Fuller Future"  a trilogy of films about polymath R. Buckminster Fuller. featuring; Jeff Bridges, Marianne Williamson, Jay Leno and more. 

His passions are mentorship and storytelling. 


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